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About us


You are very welcome to our website, a website created to showcase all that is good about Ireland, its traditions and heritage.

Ireland has a long and renowned history as a centre of culture and craftsmanship. With this in mind, we have developed our business in a way that brings quality, ingenuity and artistry to you. The Irish brands on offer reflect an aesthetic of a different time, a time where contemplation, character and excellence were held in high regard.

Living and travelling extensively in Ireland we can guarantee that our products reflect the passion and admiration we hold for both our heritage and its skilled craftsmen. Our items tell a story of a different time and place. Intricate and innovative design harks to Ireland’s complex history. It is essential to our well-being, we remember things and live among these memories and relics of our past.  Tradition permeates our own being, suffusing not only our artifacts and culture but also ourselves.

With this in mind, offer handcrafted goods that share with you a sense of time and place, a substitute to modern day, throw away culture, products that will remain with you and be imbued with a new and alternative history… that of your own!

Please feel free to browse our site. We are sure we have something to cater to everyone’s requirements, from that small and personal gift to corporate "thank yous" and lots more. All handcrafted products are authentically Irish, some remaining unchanged and true to past traditions, others are, contemporary renditions on classical themes. Our promise to you is that each and every item is sourced from genuine Irish traders and artisans, offering you the assurance of quality and excellence.

As our business is continually developing and we are constantly sourcing new and incredible gifts for you, if you do not discover what it is you are looking for at this time, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We may be able to find exactly what it is you require and your feedback is always gladly welcomed.